Ted McGrath Woodworking Review

The Ted Mcgrath review continues to receive stellar industry and customer ratings. In fact, Ted “Woody” McGrath is a seasoned and reputable woodworker that specializes in a range of home improvement and building projects. As a master woodworker and educator, Ted is also an accomplished author, trainer, and member of AWI. His love for woodworking and carpentry began at a very young age — as his Dad made him attend practical wood shops and classes weekly. This is how Ted began to develop a strong passion and love for woodworking and carpentry. This continues today as Ted has literally amassed thousands of blueprints and plans for wood-based projects.

As a master in sawdust, Ted’s first real project did not come until high school. This was designing and constructing a wooden backpack, along with buildingmaxresdefault furniture around the house. He then realized how important woodworking plans and blueprints were for current future projects. Today, Ted has over 16,000 plans in his collection –with step by step and detailed instructions. He also utilizes these plans to teach burgeoning and seasoned woodwork enthusiasts and aficionados. In fact, the Ted Mcgrath review covers his extensive woodworking archives, which is available for all students, novices, and even professional woodworkers across the world.

Ted’s work has been showcased domestically and internationally. He has also been featured on TV, as well as home improvement commercials and other media ads. From selecting the right wood grains and textures to sawing and milling wood — Ted is truly a master artisan with a strong eye for detail. He utilizes his extensive industry experience to help teach woodwork groups, as well as weekly technical college courses in wood turning. Even as a seasoned professional, Ted always loves seeing a woodworking project through completion. From thumbnail plans and blueprints to finished products, he loves transforming wood into an eclectic array of eye-catching styles and designs.

TedsWoodworking.com continues to receive great reviews across the globe. In fact, the site is a culmination of Ted’s passion and love for woodworking and wood-based projects. From school projects to home improvement, Ted showcases over 16,000 plans, blueprints, designs, and resource materials at his site. Visitors simply need to register to become members and receive premium access. The latter includes so many innovative ways to enhance your woodwork, as well as see the many projects Ted and his team have worked on over the years. With high-quality images, videos, articles, and step-by-step plans and instructions — Ted and is former woodworking teacher, Jim Hanks, have joined forces to bring you the largest database of woodworking resources and information.

rustic-pallet-grand-dining-table-with-benchesIf you love working with wood, chances are you can benefit from using Ted’s site. According to reviews, most members simply love the easy to understand instructions and plans. Ted also takes the time to explain each project facet in great detail — from which types of wood grains to use to the right tools and accessories. The site also teaches students — and even seasoned woodworkers — about the latest techniques and styles. This includes sawing, milling, installing, staining and maintenance. From wooden fence repairs and renovations to building guitars, this amazing site simply has it all. Registered members will have to pay a nominal fee to access a range of blueprints and plans. There are also user-friendly search features, which are designed to connect users to the right resources and plans they need.

While no website or service is ever without negative reviews, Ted’s site seems to be the exception. In fact, you can review so many positive industry reviews, as well as customer testimonials from so many members across the globe. Members also get to network with other members — especially when it comes to projects and completion or success rates. Similarly, they can post stories, pictures, and ask any questions about their individual or joint wood-based projects. From carpenters and craftsmen to industry professionals, so many members are part of Ted’s website and the positive reviews and industry mentions keep growing each day.

For more information on the Ted Mcgrath woodworking review, simply visit his website today. You will be amazed at how great this portal is for even the smallest wood-based projects, repairs, or enhancements!


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